Interstitial cystitis from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia jump to: navigation, search     bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis classification and external resources icd-10 n 30. 1 icd-9 595. 1 diseasesdb 30832 medlineplus 000477 emedicine med/2866 mesh d018856 interstitial cystitis, [1] or bladder pain syndrome (commonly abbreviated to "ic/bps"), is a chronic, often severely debilitating disease of the urinary bladder. [2] of unknown cause, it is characterized by: pain associated with the bladder, pain associated with urination (dysuria), urinary frequency (as often as every 10 minutes), urgency, and/or pressure in the bladder and/or pelvis. how would viagra affect women [3] this disease has a profound impact on quality of life. [4] a harvard university study concluded, "the impact of interstitial cystitis on quality of life is severe and debilitating". [5] a harvard medical school guide states that the quality of life of interstitial cystitis patients resembles that of a person on kidney dialysis or suffering from chronic cancer pain. [6] the condition is officially recognized as a disability. viagra generic format [6] it is not unusual for patients to have been misdiagnosed with a variety of other conditions, including: overactive bladder, urethritis, urethral syndrome, trigonitis, prostatitis, and other generic terms used to describe frequency/urgency symptoms in the urinary tract. Ic/bps affects men and women of all cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ages. Although the disease previously was believed to be a condition of menopausal women, growing numbers of men and women are being diagnosed in their twenties and younger. Ic/bps is not a rare condition, however, ic/bps is more common in women than in men. [3] early research suggested that ic/bps prevalence ranged from 1 in 100,000 to 5. 1 in 1,000 of the general population. In 2009, new research (now known as the rand study) [7] revealed that in the u. viagra free sample no prescription S alone, between 3 and 8 million people have interstitial cystitis. Up to 12% of women may have early symptoms of ic/bps. can i buy viagra online with out a prescription [8] contents 1 signs and symptoms 1. how would viagra affect women 1 association with other conditions 2 causes 2. 1 anxiety and stress 2. buy viagra 2 autoimmune 2. viagra without a doctor prescription 3 genes 2. cheap generic viagra 4 leaky bladder lining 2. How to buy viagra online in australia 5 mast cells 2. cheap viagra 6 nerve damage theory 3 diagnosis 4 treatment 4. 1 medication 4. cheap viagra 1. 1 pentosan polysulfate 4. 1. 2 amitriptyline 4. viagra canada din 1. 3 duloxetine 4. generic viagra online 1. 4 dmso 4. 1. buy generic viagra 5 rescue instillations 4. 1. 6 bladder coatings 4. how would viagra affect women 2 diet 4. Order generic viagra online no prescription 3 bladder distension 4. 4 surgery 4. 5 pain control 4. Viagra cheap thailand 6 pelvic floor treatments 4. 6. cheap viagra 1 neuromodulation 4. 6. buy viagra online legally 2 acupuncture 4. 6. 3 biofeedback 5 prognosis 6 history 7 nomenclature 8 see also 9 references 10 external links [edit] signs and symptoms the symptoms of ic/pbs are often misdiagnosed as a "common" bladder infection (cystitis) or a uti. Howe.

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