Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. viagra prescription canada Content can be viewed at actual source page: ebi > arrayexpress > experiments > e-geod-19449 experiment e-geod-19449 doxorubicin resistance in a novel in vitro model of human pleomorphic liposarcoma associated with alt (39 assays) species homo sapiens status submitted on 14 december 2009, released on 3 march 2010, last updated on 10 june 2011 samples (39) click for detailed sample information and links to data platforms (2) a-affy-44 - affymetrix genechip human genome u133 plus 2. viagra 5 mg filmtabletten 100 mg generic viagra 0 [hg-u133_plus_2] a-affy-70 - affymetrix genechip human mapping 50k array xba 240 [mapping50k_xba240] protocols (39) click for all experimental protocols description soft tissue sarcomas are a diverse set of fatal human tumors where few agents have demonstrable clinical efficacy, with the standard therapeutic combination of doxorubicin and ifosfamide showing only a 25-30% response rate in large multi-institutional trials. buy cheap viagra online where to buy viagra Although liposarcomas are the most common histological form of adult soft tissue sarcomas, research in this area is severely hampered by the lack of experimentally tractable in vitro model systems. female viagra for sale Viagra pills for men side effects To this end, here we describe a novel in vitro model for human pleomorphic liposarcoma. viagra reviews user generic viagra trusted pharmacy The cell line (ls2) is derived from a pleomorphic liposarcoma that utilizes alternative lengthening of telomeres (alt) mechanism of telomere maintenance, which may be particularly important in modulating the response of this tumor type to dna damaging agents. viagra cheap generic viagra australia legitimate We present detailed baseline molecular and genomic data, including genome wide copy number and transcriptome profiles, for this model compared to its parental tumor and a panel of liposarcomas covering multiple histologies. viagra tablets for sale viagra reviews user The model has retained essentially all of the detectable alterations in copy number that are seen in the parental tumor, and shows molecular karyotypic and expression profiles consistent with pleomorphic liposarcomas. viagra women more drug_uses We also demonstrate the utility of this model, together with two additional human liposarcoma cell lines, to investigate the relationship between topoisomerase 2a expression and the sensitivity of alt-positive liposarcomas to doxorubicin. viagra coupon free This model, together with its associated baseline data, provide a powerful new tool to develop treatments for this clinically poorly-tractable tumor, and to investigate the contribution that alt makes to modulating sensitivity to dna damaging chemotherapeutic agents such as doxorubicin. viagra reviews user Affymetrix u133 2. viagra o viagra which is better 0 expression analyses were performed for 30 liposarcoma tumors, including 2 recurrences of 2 tumors. generic viagra without no rx In addition, analyses were performed for three replicates of a tumor-derived cell line, ls2, as well as the tumor from. Plavix 75 mg viagra How much does viagra cost at duane reade

Christian Ricard psychologue

Psychologue/psychothérapeute depuis plus de 30 ans, j'ai amorcé ma carrière dans le réseau de la santé, auprès des adultes et des familles. Depuis 15 ans, je travaille exclusivement en pratique privée.

Détenteur d'un diplôme de deuxième cycle en psychologie et d'un autre en gestion, je suis également formateur et consultant en entreprises. J'enseigne à l'Université de Montréal au diplôme de deuxième cycle en administration sociale.