Tually, bruce reluctantly agreed he could no longer safely live alone; he sold his home of 30 years and moved in with angela and her family.   suddenly she was caring not just for her children, but also for her father, and the sudden role reversal was devastating to both angela and her father. floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-buy-viagra-canada-uk/   the close living situation revealed something new as well; bruce's confusion waxed and waned unpredictably, ranging from sometimes having nearly normal abilities to think and reason to having obviously impaired cognitive skills. order generic viagra online   within a year bruce was diagnosed with lewy body dementia (lbd).  not wanting to be a burden to his family, he decided to move into an assisted living residence. Yahoo mail sending viagra spam   then he gave up driving when the doctor advised it was no longer safe. canada viagra generic   piece by piece, the fruits of his lifetime of hard work were stripped away by lbd's relentless progression. buying generic viagra online   home, hobbies, travel and social activities, all gone. Meanwhile, angela connected online with other lbd families, whose collective stories painted an unbelievable picture: despite its prevalence as a common form of dementia, most doctors (including many neurologists) didn't know about lbd. kris jenner female viagra   so in 2004 she started volunteering for the lewy body dementia association (lbda), a small, new, disease advocacy organization launched by lbd family caregivers. howtosmudge.com/pjn-viagra-sale-online-sd/   "i called myself an accidental advocate," said taylor. buy viagra with debit card   "like all lbd caregivers, i found myself having to educate every single person i knew about lbd, including many of my father's doctors. cheap viagra online canada pharmacy   and i learned quickly to stand up on his behalf to request aggressive medical care, in order to maintain an optimal quality of life for dad. cheap viagra india   that became my primary job as his daughter and caregiver, and it lasted for eight long years. canadian pharmacy viagra no prescription "  bruce died from lewy body dementia this past march. buy viagra online in the united states   and in the years since the disease first entered her life, angela found purpose in her father's illness through the lewy body dementia association's mission. Plavix 75 mg viagra   "i don't know how i would have made it through the whole ordeal without lbda, from the clinical information i received on the disease itself to the support of the lbd families i met along the way," said taylor, who later served on lbda's board of directors, including two terms as its president. how much does viagra cost at duane reade   "nobody should have to face lbd alone. viagra 5 mg or 20 mg  families affected by lbd can find help and make a truly significant impact by joining with the lewy body dementia association to bring national attention to lewy body dementia. viagra grapefruit side effects "  lbda has launched a month to remember , a national grassroots campaign to raise awareness of lewy body dementia. difference between generic and brand viagra   lbda designated october 2011 as lbd awareness month and is mobilizing families and organizations across the country. viagra over counter canada yahoo   volunteers are encouraged to organize. cheap viagra with no prescription how much does viagra cost at duane reade

Christian Ricard psychologue

Psychologue/psychothérapeute depuis plus de 30 ans, j'ai amorcé ma carrière dans le réseau de la santé, auprès des adultes et des familles. Depuis 15 ans, je travaille exclusivement en pratique privée.

Détenteur d'un diplôme de deuxième cycle en psychologie et d'un autre en gestion, je suis également formateur et consultant en entreprises. J'enseigne à l'Université de Montréal au diplôme de deuxième cycle en administration sociale.