Entire site tests home clinical dna testing array cgh test cap/clia certifications cpt codes prenatal testing guidelines price list by disease price list by gene requisition forms search tests tests by disease tests by gene testing faq dna banking dna banking faq dna banking reasons banking process dna banking forms dna banking brochure research genomics strp requirements price lists marker list about us what's new newsletters travel directions testing faq dna banking faq careers resources educational links human genetics principles letter to my children contact us print test search tests | tests by disease | tests by gene tay-sachs disease via the hexa gene clinical features and genetics methods and pricing how to order additional information clinical features tay-sachs disease (tsd, gm2-gangliosidosis type i, b variant gm2-gangliosidosis, omim 272800), is a neurodegenerative lysosomal storage disorder due to deficiency in the enzyme beta-hexosaminidase a. The enzymatic deficiency results in the accumulation of gm2 ganglioside, mainly in nerve cells of the brain and retina. Three variants of tsd are distinguished on the basis of the age of onset, severity and disease course: 1) infantile tsd is characterized by onset before the age of 6 months, rapid progression and death by 4 years of age. Symptoms begin with decline of physical and mental abilities and progress to blindness, deafness, paralysis and difficulty to swallowing. viagra offices toronto canada 2) juvenile tsd is characterized by onset between 2-5 years and death in the second decade of life. male enhancement pills viagra Symptoms include slow deterioration of speech, gait and posture, spasticity, and dystonia. 3) adult tsd is characterized by onset between 20-30 years of age, unsteady gait and slow neurological progression with cognitive loss (gravel et al. In: scriver et al. Eds 8 vol 3 mcgraw-hill, new york, 3827-3877, 2001; maegawa et al. Pediatrics 118:e1550-1562, 2006). viagra viagra side effects Tsd occurs worldwide; it is however more prevalent in the ashkenazi jewish (aj) and quebec french canadian populations with carrier frequencies of 1/30 and 1/14, respectively (kaback eur j pediatr 159:s192-195, 2000). generic viagra online Citations kaback, m. M. buy viagra cheap (2000). buy viagra vancouver canada "population-based genetic screening for reproductive counseling: the tay-sachs disease model. " eur j pediatr 159 suppl 3: s192-5. Pubmed id: 11216898 maegawa, g. H. viagra for sale uk , et. buy viagra Al. (2006). "the natural history of juvenile or subacute gm2 gangliosidosis: 21 new cases and literature review of 134 previously reported. " pediatrics 118(5): e1550-62. buy viagra canada Pubmed id: 17015493 roy a. viagra online Gravel, et. Al. (2001). "the gm2 gangliosidoses. " 3: 3827-77. Genetics the three tay-sachs disease (tsd) variants.

Christian Ricard psychologue

Psychologue/psychothérapeute depuis plus de 30 ans, j'ai amorcé ma carrière dans le réseau de la santé, auprès des adultes et des familles. Depuis 15 ans, je travaille exclusivement en pratique privée.

Détenteur d'un diplôme de deuxième cycle en psychologie et d'un autre en gestion, je suis également formateur et consultant en entreprises. J'enseigne à l'Université de Montréal au diplôme de deuxième cycle en administration sociale.